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You guy are great company with big heart. My family was going through a though time with the divorce situation in the family and National Family Solutions was very helpful to take things forward and making it easier for all of us. I would highly recommend the service to anyone that needs help with the divorce and child custody.

Ilana K.

National family solutions helped us with a step parent adoption when we didn’t have the money to pay for hourly lawyer fees. They were there every step of the way through the process. They would check up on me to see how everything was going and made the process a smooth one. My husband was able to adopt my son the beginning of this month! We are so grateful for everything national family solutions has done to bring our family together!!

Sara B

NFS was amazing.. Special thanks to Phil, Tara, and Rachel.. They didn’t represent me as a lawyer , however they assisted me with the greatest of care and concern towards finding a resolution to my custody/ child support case. They sympathized with me as a single dad, and offered there endless amount of experience and knowledge on my part to give me the confidence I needed to see my case through. WE WON GUYS, and I owe you every bit of gratitude. Thank from my very depths!

Fred M.

As a devastated father that was completely blindsided I really did not know what to do. I had no idea what my rights were and just let the ex do what she wanted. I thank God I was recommended to this company.

They helped me so very much and I would have had my rights completely trampled on without them. They are very professional and caring. If you are going through this you really should contact them for help.

Jason C.

I used National Family Solutions to lift my hold to be able to move out of the current county I was in to another not touching mine… That being said I was nervous knowing I was not going to have legal representation with me present at the time of my court date.

The case manager assigned to me answered any and all questions and the court prep that I received was awesome!! Keep in mind I am shaking in my boots while talking to the Judge, but I rocked it with NFS help!!

I recommend NFS to anyone that is living pay check to pay check to get any legal help.

Lauren D.

My compliments to Scott and National Family Solutions. Your company has been a blessing to me and my family in helping us through a very difficult situation, one that was seemingly impossible, marked by ongoing legal and financial frustration.I am glad that I found your company online. I appreciate your professionalism and compassion.

Thank you all so much,

Yoron I..



My experience with National Family Solutions has been fantastic! I am so happy with the out come.

I was having no luck finding any one to represent me, as I just started working again and it looked like I was not going to win anything or even stand a chance to get out with my shirt on my back. I was scared to say the least so I made a call. I was met with friendly people who knew how I felt and wanted to help.

They took all my questions and helped me threw the whole process it was amazing. They were always there to take phone calls and emails and never got sick of me. I had a lot of worries and they calmed me down and got me threw. They handled all my paper work and walked me threw it all making defending my self a breeze.

Now I have settled out of court and I got everything I wanted. I am so happy and stress free. Thank you guys for everything.

Sarah H.

I contacted National Family Solutions concerning getting custody of my two grandchildren. I found them to be extremely helpful, courteous and caring. My case manager, Erica Phillips, has been able to guide me through the process and if she did not know the answer she found out for me. They answered all my questions by either calling me back or through emails.
I went to court today and was granted a “Temporary Custody order” and a court date for a Status of review hearing in November. Erica had me fax that order to her in order for their legal team to review the document and send me any other documents that may be necessary for that hearing.

Thank you Erika and National Family Solutions for assisting me and being available to answer all my questions and or concerns.

Mark F.

My name is Morris Hill and I’m very proud to be able to give you all my honest to God testimony here today. National Family Solutions has hands down been one of the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I choose this company because I live in Dublin, Oh. , my daughter resides in Charleston, IL. , and I needed the proper paper work to be filed between the two states.

To begin, I started working with this company in March of 2014 and I ended my case succefully in November of 2014. Overall this company has helped me threw a major turning point in my life at a very reasonable amount unlike competitors.

I’m engaged to my beautiful fiancé and soon to be mother of our second child. I also have a child by another woman whom I was with for three and a half years prior to my engagement. The mother of my daughter felt uncomfortable with me bringing our daughter to another state without her and she just wasn’t willing to compromise for personal reasons. After a long and devastating 8 month period she finally agreed to settle with me in a court appointed mediation session. I believe she only did because if we didn’t come to an agreement then the judge would have had to make a decision for us in this matter. I don’t have any thing on my background that could be use to prove my daughter being around me is not in her best interest. Therefore she was cornered and kinda force to comply to be blunt. On top of that I work two jobs, own a truck, pay child support on time and my fiancé and I live in a comfortable two bed room two bathroom condo. In other words I have money, transportation, and suitable living arrangements. There’s absolutely no reason why my child should not have been allowed to visit me here in my home other then the mother of my child’s personal feelings.

She, her mother, and her step father collectively spent close to 9,000 dollars on a lawyer in this case seeking a custody order and visitation. I spent less then 1,500 represented myself and won!

Now my beautiful baby girl will be visiting me once a month here at my residence in Dublin,Oh. I personally recommend this program for anyone seeking real help, real legal advice , and real results! I love everyone involved with helping me with this case and I would also like to give thanks to God and to God be the glory. Amen.

Morris H..

In November my husband and I decided that it was time to seek legal custody of our two grandchildren,We did not know where to start. I called Family Solutions and talked first to Scott.

He was most helpful in getting me started. His advice was accurate, very professional and in tune with my needs.When we had questions we had no hesitation in contacting him and felt confident that we would get the answer we were was looking for.

We were then turned over to Jackie Garcia she was terrific. She prepared my documents and helped me through the process. When Jackie and Scott had seen to it that every paper was signed and perfect for presentation to the court, we were once again on our own. The help they had given us served us well. WE knew what we had to do.

In March the judge accepted our petition and our little girls are now safe and secure. I don’t know how to thank them enough. The fees were so reasonable and when we saw the volume of paperwork that went with the petition we were amazed.

Thank you again,

Nadine and Sebastian Cassarino.

I found National Family Solutions law service online… I was is quite a bind. I was literally a few days from my court date, had missed the cut off time to file my response with the court and also to serve the petitioner (my ex) in a matter of child custody and child support.

They processed my case with such expediency that I was able to walk in to court with beautiful documents that expressed exactly what I wanted to say and on perfect timing. I was so nervous that I would lose by default and I nearly gave up all hope, but National Family Solutions came through for me.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Erica Phillips, my Case Manager, for all the encouragement, the personal touch… She left no doubt in my mind that she truly cared. She even called me the morning of my case to ease my mind with encouragement, and advice on how to present myself in court… She also called me after the trial to confirm how things went.

I prevailed! And I am so grateful and I will use this service in all future cases… It’s easy, fast, and affordable on any budget. So happy that I found NFS and made that phone call.

Jason M

When I originally contacted National Family Solutions, I spoke to a representative named Troy that said I can’t sign up for their services until I have an address for my son’s mother. He referred me to a private investigator that charged me $120 and found my Ex for me in a couple days. I then called the representative back and enrolled in the program for $100 to start. Although they didn’t provide representation for my case, I still got an attorney that did all the documents to get visitation with my two little girls. Two months later, I got a visitation plan for the first time.

Also, the case manager is a huge help. Mine was a woman that spend a good amount of time answering my questions and giving me a feel of how the process works.

A word of advice about using this service. You will have to do some work on your own. You’ll have to fill out their questionnaire and get them all your old court docs. If you don’t want to do the work, hire an attorney for 5k. I simply couldn’t hire an attorney but it worked out for me in the end. I would recommend this company and would use them again if something else came up. Can’t go wrong with this service if you know how they can help you.

March 30, 2015 I just wanted to update my review. I recently had to use the services of this company again. They helped me with more paperwork for a different case. It was a very bumpy road but they helped through it once again. Be patient when you use services like this. It’s family law so it’s not a process anyone enjoys going through.

Peter M.

Well i have to say a couple of months ago when i contacted national family solutions i was very skeptical. i was a father that hasn’t paid child support for several years. I was limited to less than the fingers on my hand to how many times i actually seen my daughter.

Once i was put into contact with the representative he assisted me into the right direction to what i needed to do to establish rights as a father to a child. He also suggested that i keep my chin up. being positive is very important to the success to your case.

Now here two months after i started this process i have been in court and had success in my case. Me and the defendant now have a temporary agreement and our working on the final agreement. Case is basically closed in about a four month window. i do know that four months is a very short time. please understand the court systems you are dealing could take longer.

I know national family solutions works. it has worked for me. i would like to especially like to thank my case manager for all he has done to help me in my case. thanks for your advisement to tough it out, but more importantly to remain calm and positive.

Chris C.

I was referred to this company by my cousin’s boyfriend who go help with a out of wedlock custody battle. I first called and spoke with a man that told me how they help families. He said I have a couple options – get an attorney or get help from a company like them and do some things myself.

I called 2 attorneys. One wanted $200 for an hour consultation and the other one met with me for free for 30 minutes and told me it’s $2,700 to start my case. I called these people back three weeks later, paid $100 and got started.

After giving my Case Manager all the information she asked for, I got assigned to an attorney in CA. A week later, i got an email with all my court documents and instructions. I followed their directions on what to do and eventually got joint custody of my little first. Her father has visitations which is what we wanted by my baby primarily lives with me.

All in all, I’m happy with their services. It got the job done for me. I’d use them again in the future but hopefully, this is the end of it.

Camyria M..

I cant tell you how happy I am that my case is behind me and I can move on with my life. I came to this company for help because my ex was not being easy when it came to me talking to my kids.

You see I am living out of the country now and Skype is really how I get to spend time with my kids. It was a long process but i was able to change my divorce decree so SHE HAS to give me my time whether its in person or over skype.

The staff was really helpful considering I had to do an entire case from another country and i am proud to call them my team. The best advice I can give a future parent in need, is to be patient and understand the process is a giant pain but totally worth it for the results.

I hope I don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff for a while but knowing Ive got some friends now that can help me, means the world.

Elliot F.


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