When it comes to divorce and custody, one concept that people often misunderstand is the fact that fathers have rights, too. A common misconception is  that the mother always gets the better end of the bargain when it comes to divorces and child custody rights. Actually, this is not the case:  Fathers are entitled to the same rights that mothers are, though some need a fathers rights help program to help them.

At National Family Solutions, we can help you determine your rights. We feel strongly that no father should be kept out of the life of their child. Research agrees with us; children who have strong relationships with their fathers tend to do better overall (in school, in relationships with others, and during adulthood) than those who do not. Keeping children from their fathers is not fair to the child or the father.

Sometimes, however, fathers rights help is needed to navigate the legal system. If your child’s mother is trying to keep you from your child, we can help. Even though you might not have the money to pay for a private attorney, you still have the right to use the legal system to gain rights to your child. This is where we come in with low-cost, effective advocacy and resources. Sometimes, fathers make mistakes when it comes to securing their rights.

For example, they might assume that the mother will be awarded custody and they discontinue having a relationship with their child. Other times, they move out of the family home and don’t make themselves available to their children. Some dads are afraid that pursuing custody will make the situation harder on the children and will elect not to fight for them. In the end, though, this can lead to a broken relationship that is difficult to repair.

In some cases, fathers deserve sole custody or primary custody of their children. In these cases, we can provide fathers rights help to assist you in getting the child support you deserve from your child’s other parent. If you have been denied visitation with your child, now is the time to seek out fathers rights help services. We believe a father’s right to custody is important and are here to help you fight for it. You deserve to pursue a relationship with your child and your child deserves the chance to bond with you, too. Do not give up your rights; we can help.

Our Commitment to Fathers Rights

When it comes to fathers rights help, we are dedicated to making sure that fathers have access to their children.  Many fathers may not even know what they are entitled to. We will help you to determine what rights you have and also help you get those rights enforced.

Keep in mind that child custody is not only about fathers rights; it’s also about the rights of children to have a relationship with their dads. If you are the parent who can give your child a safe, secure life, you might consider fighting for primary or even sole custody. Even if your child’s mother will be having primary custody, it’s in your best interest and in the best interest of your child to pursue fair visitation and shared custody with our fathers rights help program.

We can provide fathers rights help and get you through the process of filing a motion against your child’s other parent if she is refusing to let you see your child. If visitation agreements are being ignored, we can help with that, too. Our goal is to assist you through the court processes to ensure that your rights (and the rights of your child) are being upheld.

Our Comprehensive Fathers Rights Program

Fast and Aggressive Tactics

We are serious about helping you win the rights you deserve while avoiding legal pitfalls.

Emergency Filings

Time is of the essence and we understand the importance of getting documents together quickly.

Contempt of Court Filings

If your child’s other parent is ignoring the court orders, we will help you get them enforced.

Nationwide Service Available

We work for fathers rights, with fathers, in almost every state across the nation.

Custody and Visitation Enforcement

If orders have already been placed, we can help you get them enforced.

Custody and Visitation Establishment

If you haven’t yet determined a parenting plan, we can help you put together a schedule that works for all parties involved.

Child Support Services

Fathers who receive primary or sole custody of their children during divorce often qualify for child support. We can help you obtain it.

Do You Qualify for Our Program?

If you are not getting the rights that you deserve as a father, you may want to see if you qualify for help for our fathers rights program. Fill out the form below to find out if you are eligible. Remember, you do not have to settle for subpar representation just because you cannot afford a private attorney. Even fathers who cannot afford a lawyer deserve to have their rights upheld. Contact us today to gain your legal rights to spend time with and cultivate a relationship with your child.

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