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Father's Rights Services for Custody and Visitation Help

  • A Father's Rights Program
  • We provide affordable and comprehensive solutions to fathers going through tough family law situations. Enforcing or establishing your rights can be vital to the stability of your family
      • Fast and Effective services..... save 30-40% off average lawyer fees"
  • The Facts of Why We Help Fathers
    • 1. 80% of Fathers who do not have equity parenting within the first hearing end up losing custody.
    • 2. Half of Fathers who are denied an overnight visit within the first 6 months of a divorce, do not have overnights for the following 5 years.
    • 3. A child not supported by equity custody is 50% more likely not to graduate.
  • We Assist Fathers With
  • Custody and Visitation Enforcement 
  • Father's Rights Attorneys
  • Contempt of Court Filings
  • Divorce Assistance 
  • Child Support Services
  • Multi-State Issues
  • Paternity and DNA Testing
  • Parent Evaluations
  • 3 Easy Steps
  • Services Provided to Fathers
    • Personal Case Managers                        Affordable Legal Programs
    • Parent and Child Evaluations                  Nationwide Attorney Network
    • Online Case Management                     Personal Investigative Services              
    •  Court Representation
  • Be Mindful of Whats Going on in Your Case
  • Fathers going through family law situations must be mindful of the details of their case and seek professional help as soon as they believe that an issue is about to arise.  We also recommend fathers continue to build relationships with their children as they resolve their legal issues.
  • Get Help Now  and start resolving your case today.


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